Introduction to Galveston Prime

Galveston Prime is your ultimate girlfriend's guide to a healthy, active lifestyle. We designed this course to educate you on all things health, nutrition, and wellness. Breaking down the science of food, and how your body processes different types for energy, and encouraging the formation of healthy habits that will stay with you for life.

"I am the Operations Manager for The Galveston Diet (TGD), a program developed by Dr. Mary Claire Haver for middle-aged women looking to lose abdominal fat and alleviate symptoms commonly associated with menopause and chronic inflammation. I conduct research, write blog posts breaking down science in easily understood terms, and develop/facilitate private groups for these women to learn and support each other in their journey to better health.

I quickly noticed a trend: by the time women reach mid-life, they are inflamed, bloated, achy, suffering intense hot flashes and severe night sweats, complain of mental fog, and develop an "inner-tube" on their midsection (commonly referred to the "menopause middle").

It got me thinking ... what can I do at my age to AVOID this later in life?

After women consistently follow TGD they experience weight loss, decreased brain fog, are less bloated, achy, have an elevated mood, sleep better... the list truly could go on and on. The before and after testimonials I have witnessed are truly astounding and have inspired me to make lifestyle changes.

Katherine and I have spent months tailoring and developing Galveston Prime for young women our age. We will focus on [1] intermittent fasting [2] an anti-inflammatory approach to nutrition [3] fuel refocus [4] promotion of physical and mental health. These phases work synergistically together to optimize your health and wellness goals NOW and as we age.

We are so excited to share Galveston Prime with you and cannot wait to hear of the incredible results you will have."